My first blog!
14 Nov 2008 12:05
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14 Nov 2008 12:05
14 Nov 2008 12:05
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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I've finally launched it!
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Well, this is my very first blog.

I must say, it has taken hours and hours to set this thing up — not because it is difficult, but because I am fussy and want to customise the CSS theme of this site. And I am cheating right now, you see, because at the moment there is something wrong with the "Hosted by — get your free wiki now!" text at the bottom. It is too high up and should be on the same line as the "help|terms of service…" section. Also, there appears to be some unusual display in Internet Explorer 7.

Grrr. I will get around to fixing it soon though.

So why am I even creating this website?

It's because Wikidot (which powers the website) is an incredibly powerful engine that makes web-pages sophisticated yet easy to control and manage.

I have tried to use other social networking websites, such as MySpace and Facebook, but I have problems with each of them. Firstly, both are very friggen slow to run properly. MySpace is not very customisable — you are restricted to the layout they provide. Then there is Facebook which isn't even customisable at all! And oh my friggen Lord, I can't customise Facebook to stop receiving application invitations…Grrrr. I don't want all of these crappy games my friends keep inviting me to do — and my inbox is clogging up with "you have been invited to a magical deathmatch" or equally horrible messages.

I haven't even mention those ads. There was this horrible 3 months where MySpace was advertising "MySpace Jobs" using flash banners. It had a black backround, with red painted writing saying "P0RN STORE CLERK". It was very inappropriate and I thought that it would be embarrassing if somebody looked over my shoulder and saw that! Thank God Wikidot has not a single ad!

It just goes to show that just because it's popular, doesn't mean it's the best… sounds a bit like IE to me!

The great thing about Wikidot is that it is a website, so I can put anything here, not just blogs.

Anyway, I had better get back to fixing this CSS coding!

~ James Kanjo

PS. The first post is always the most boring — don't be discouraged from reading others!


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