2009, tis a year of revelations!
06 Jan 2009 11:05
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06 Jan 2009 11:05
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My first blog!
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Quick evaluation
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Everybody is perfectly equal
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Good evening!

I'm back from my Christmas Holiday and Camping trip at last! So much has happened in different communities whilst I've been away… it is difficult to catch up! And a few e-mails to read aswell.

I'm officially hooked with the Mac OS… line and sinker. Although the inconsistencies still bother me, it is such a sleek, refined, and natural interface. I would describe it as "humanised" with an intuitive interface (despite the difficulty of converting from other OSs). For example, one of my favourite features is the hand-gestures used on the trackpad to manipulate the system. With a quick swipe of the hand, all of my windows shrink and spread out neatly with Exposé. With a quick swipe in the opposite direction, all of my windows move out of the way to display my desktop. This is better than Windows' Flip 3D, as the windows overlap each other (thus concealing the window's contents partially).

Exposé in Leopard
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Windows Flip 3D
file: vista.png
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You know how when you use a trackpad to drag something across the screen, but then your finger reaches the end of the trackpad and you can't move it further? Well, on a Mac, you drag it across as far as you can; then, with your other hand, put your finger on the other side of the trackpad and continue to drag across. Why has nobody else thought of that?

Purchasing Windows has almost been a waste of money for me… I haven't used it, really. I guess it's always there if I ever need to, which I will for computer programming on the Windows OS.

My Christmas holiday was good. I was spoilt with nice gifts, including tickets to the P!nk and Coldplay concerts in Melbourne this year (thanks Mum and Dad!). Honestly, knowing that concert tickets usually cost around $150, I think they were far too generous this year. 1 ticket would have been plenty. But I am very grateful, nether the less.

The camping in Batemans Bay (NSW) was really very relaxing too. I did not much, apart from eat, sleep, swim and read. Oh, and the iPod of course! I also experienced a phenomenal self-discovery, which I am very much pleased about. But I will mention it another time, when I've cooled down a bit from it. I haven't told anybody about this experience yet.

So there's the update. Cheers!

~ James Kanjo


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