What is Utopia?
15 Jan 2009 03:42
15 Jan 2009 03:42
15 Jan 2009 03:42
15 Jan 2009 03:42
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This is an article I published in September edition of The Heart of Saint Paul's back in '07. The Heart of Saint Paul's is the school newspaper that I created, as the school didn't have a student collaborated press. This was a huge achievement for me, as I was only in year 9 when I initiated it.

Anyway, I was in year 10 when I wrote this. It is extracted verbatim from the newspaper, I have not changed a thing:

What is Utopia?
By James Kanjo

Utopia is often referred to as the “Perfect World” where there are perfect laws and people live in complete harmony without any problems. It is also believed that such a place is imaginary. Utopia is supposed to be that certain place which, everybody strives for, and never gets there because it is highly improbable that we will ever reach such perfection in society. This is an issue, because you can’t genuinely strive for something if you know you won’t get it, in which case, you are deceiving yourself in thinking you’re actually trying to get there. Everybody is pretending to make this world as best as we can, because everybody subconsciously thinks that they won’t.

I am writing this because people need to understand that Utopia is an idea. Ideas are things waiting to happen. And things actually happen. We need to realize the truth. This is the truth: We, as humans, have about 90% control of what happens in our society. The other 10% is for unexpected things in our lives like the weather, land conditions, and bad luck. This is the world we live in.

Now, when I say “this is the world we live in”, I mean that everybody needs to act like there is no heaven or hell, God or Devil. No, I am not saying stop believing in your religion, I am saying start thinking that when you die, you just stop existing; you just stop thinking; you just stop living and perceiving what’s around you. Now, think that this is the only place where we can exist, where we can think, where we can live and perceive what’s around us.

If, and only if you start acting like this is true (you may even believe its true), you will understand that it is up to us to fix the world we live in, not God. If you think that this place is terrible, and that when you die you will go to heaven, where Utopia actually exists, then you won’t do anything to fix this place.

So now that we have this understanding, let’s do something about it, because if Utopia will ever exist, it will be because we have created it. Utopia is far from impossible, so let’s make it happen.

Now understand that I was young and extremely motivated back then. But still, there is wisdom in what I said, which is why I'm posting it up here.

~ James Kanjo


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