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17 Jan 2009 00:47
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My first blog!
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What is Utopia?
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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Piano: Untitled
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For quite a while now, I've been wishing for a web-based MP3 player to play MP3s specified via a URL address. Most MP3 players on the market require that you upload your songs to their servers, and create playlists for the MP3 player to run. This is quite tedious.

It was a great celebration when Squark posted how to do this on his developer blog.

This is great because now I can upload the songs I create onto my blog! Hooray!

Although I had a few issues. It seems that Wikidot caches the HTML code blocks (well, all code blocks). So if I was to change the HTML source code, I would be required to wait a while for the cache to refresh. But this is okay, because the only thing I need to change in the HTML source is the URL of my music file.

So, now begins the era of musical blogging!

~ James Kanjo


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