Piano: Untitled
17 Jan 2009 01:00
17 Jan 2009 01:00
17 Jan 2009 01:00
17 Jan 2009 01:00
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My first blog!
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MP3 Player
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Piano: Untitled 2
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© James Kanjo 2009
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Here is the first song I've completed:

℗ 2009 James Kanjo

It is very unusual, but I find I quite like it. It is difficult to play at that speed because my hands get tired. My sister doesn't really like the song: she says you can dance to it by pretending to have a seizure… but I think she is seriously confused as to matching particular dances with songs.

The second last part is particularly difficult to play because it is very easy for your fingers to be a split-second faster/slower than the required beat.

Feel free to criticise my music, all comments welcome!

~ James Kanjo


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