Piano: Untitled 2
18 Jan 2009 21:12
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Piano: Untitled
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When we are doomed
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The thing I don't like about my music is that it's a tad… repetitive. I get to a point where I play what I've already played, but in a different octave… or I might invert the hand roles. Here is the second song I've completed:

℗ 2009 James Kanjo

I really like this song… especially when the strings are in deeper octaves, which contrast nicely to the lighter piano chords.

This song made me notice a… flaw in GarageBand. When it prints the manuscript, as some notes are played so instantly after another, it prints them as a chord instead. Perhaps I should double the lengths of all of my notes, and then double the tempo? Perhaps a time when I have nothing to do; it would be a really monotonous task.

Feel free to criticise my music, all comments welcome!

~ James Kanjo


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