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My first blog!
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When we are doomed
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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Piano: Reversed Music!
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There were a few extra things I had to do to get my Mac the way I wanted it.

The most annoying thing that I found with my Mac was Apple's trademark startup sound:

Really, who wants to hear C Major when you turn on your computer first thing in the morning? And if you had your volume turned up loud before you turned off your computer, guess how loudly C Major will be played? You got it! Too friggen loud! I wanted to turn on my computer silently. And apparently, so do a lot of other people. I'm really surprised that there isn't an option in the System Preferences to do this… quite a mistake from Apple, in my opinion. There is a great program available to stop the startup sound. See here

In Safari, the default web-browser on Macs (comparable with Internet Explorer in Windows) uses a tabbed web-browsing interface. I love this! Instead of having tons of open windows for different websites, I have one windows with all different websites in different tabs. But what I didn't like was Safari's behaviour for special URL links. In some web sites, you click on a URL and it will open in a new window. But I prefer that it opens in a new tab. This functionality isn't enabled as part of the preferences GUI, but is available in the underlying code. See here

I've been loving iCal, the Mac's inbuilt calendar. But the default sound when creating new events is Basso, which is almost inaudible when in other rooms around the house. I much prefer Glass, which is a loud "ting" noise that is heard easily rooms apart. iCal doesn't give you an option to choose the default alarm noise in its preferences GUI, but there is a solution by configuring a .plist file. See here

The Dock is a fantastic! But it would be easier if you could separate some application icons into groups. Fortunately, there is a feature inbuilt to do this! See here

To access recently used programs/documents, you need to click on the Apple in the top-left corner, then mouse down to Recent Items. Similar to Windows Vista, where you click on the Windows Orb in the bottom-left corner, then mouse up to Recent Items (gosh, Microsoft have copied Apple yet again! It used to be My Recent Documents in previous Windows versions). This is fine, but because I use the Dock so often, it is much easier to do this in a single click rather than two clicks. See here

~ James Kanjo

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