Piano: Reversed Music!
24 Jan 2009 01:43
24 Jan 2009 01:43
24 Jan 2009 01:43
24 Jan 2009 01:43
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© James Kanjo 2009
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Today I decided to experiment with my already made music… to play them in reverse!

Here is the reverse of Untitled:

℗ 2009 James Kanjo

Here is the reverse of Untitled 2:

℗ 2009 James Kanjo

I'm not sure whether this is TRUE reversing of audio tracks. EDIT: Actually, I am certain that this is TRUE reversing of audio tracks. I thought by the odd popping noise that it wasn't, but then I realised that when you struck a piano key, it fades out. So the reverse should be softly growing then abrupt pop/stop.

You see, some programs start from the end of the song, and play tiny bursts of sound information forwards. Then they rewind a tiny bit, and play the second-last burst of sound information forwards. For example, the sentence "my name is James" would be reversed as "James is name my"

TRUE reversing of audio tracks is when the sound-signals from start to finish are played backwards from the end. For example, with the same sentence above, "my name is James" would be reversed as "semaJ si eman ym"

Feel free to criticise my music, all comments welcome!

~ James Kanjo


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