How to (un)highlight messages in Apple Mail
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A great feature of Apple Mail is that you have the ability to highlight certain emails in your inbox. This is automatically done on all emails received from Apple (they are highlighted blue). You can create custom rules to highlight all emails from a particular person, subject or anything else you could think of.

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However, in my inbox, I would prefer to highlight emails that are important to me; and newsletters from Apple certainly do not strike my "important" list. So I really don't like the fact that my eyes are drawn to them because of their blue highlighting. Apple shows you how to stop future emails from being colourised, which is good. What is bad is that they do not show you how to unhighlight or remove highlighting from the emails already highlighted. Nor do they show you how to highlight individually selected emails (as opposed to a rule that does it automatically).

Seeing as I couldn't find any of that on the internet either, I thought it best to write a quick tutorial myself.

  1. Select the email/s you want to be highlighted with a specific colour;
  2. Click Format in the Apple Mail toolbar;
  3. Select Show Colors;
  4. Select the colour you want the email to be highlighted with.

To remove highlighting from an email, just change the email's highlighted colour to white.

~ James Kanjo


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