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My first blog!
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Going through all of my hoarded documents during my belated spring cleanout, I have been retaining useful ones, or extracting the useful information and storing it on my computer (so I can dispose of the space-taking papers).

I found this card saying "Where was Jesus in My Life Today?" Behind it are 10 questions that you are supposed to reflect on when you go to bed. Some of them are pretty decent, but others are just irrelevant to self-fulfilment… for example, Where was Jesus in my life today? That's just turning Religion into an intellectual sport (and we wonder why everybody is steering away from religion at younger ages).

These questions are aimed at 6th graders in Primary School. Most of them are baby talk and cliché. So I thought I would post my own variation of these questions that we should reflect upon, and strive to fulfil in our daily lives.

What have I achieved today?

  1. Did I greet somebody with a friendly smile and simple "hello"?
  2. Did I exclude anybody from an activity or an event?
  3. Did I encourage, thank or praise somebody?
  4. Did I condescend or insult anybody in a direct or indirect way?
  5. Did I go out of my way to do somebody a small favour?
  6. Did I eat a healthy breakfast, filling lunch and a delicious dinner?
  7. Did I get at least 15 minutes of continuous casual exercise?
  8. Did I get 8 hours of continuous uninterrupted sleep?
  9. Did I go out of my way to do something fun that I enjoy?
  10. Has my day been fulfilled?

Hopefully 70% of these answers should be the positive one each day. Having said that, lying to yourself and cheating the positive answer, in reality, isn't fulfilling yourself at all. After all, who are you lying to? Yourself — nobody else.

The first five questions are based on your interactions with the people around you, as it is important that you are a positive influence in the world around you. In contrast, the last five questions are based on your self, as it is important to keep a healthy balance with your body & soul. How can we be a positive influence on others if we can't be a positive influence on our selves?

One notable flaw of this model is that there are days where we don't leave the house, or interact with people; therefore, the first five questions could not possibly be answered. Having said that, it is perfectly healthy to have days of non-interaction and self-connection. But everything in moderation, socialising with other people is crucial to self-health, and should be done more often than not.


~ James Kanjo

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