Worst day in history
08 Feb 2009 00:22
08 Feb 2009 00:22
08 Feb 2009 00:22
08 Feb 2009 00:22
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Update: Worst day in history
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Yesterday, just after 3pm, was Victoria's hottest day in history — reaching 46.4°C (or 115.5°F). It so happens that I was working from 1 till 5, in an air-conditioned supermarket, and missed it completely. The cool change had come and when I left work it was just 42°C (107.6°F). Don't get me wrong, 42°C is too friggen hot for me; heck, 28°C (82.4°F) is too hot for me.

Bizarrely, the power didn't go out… it went out last week across the whole state — it couldn't handle the 45°C (113°F) weather. But on the hottest day in history, one week later, seemed not a problem at all. Perhaps they upgraded some electrical stuff or something.


Whilst the power could stand the terrible heat, our forests and bushland certainly did not. As I am typing this now, fire-fighters are losing the battle against nine major fires. Reportedly the fire in Horsham is the largest Victoria has ever had; so far burning over 2500ha (hectares). Last night, the fires have killed 14 people, but as of this morning the death toll has exceeded 24. Police are expecting it to reach 40. Families have been burnt alive in their cars trying to escape the blazing destruction. Others were trapped in the rooms of their own homes. Children have perished, homes destroyed. Heart throbbingly, some of these fires were deliberately lit. Police have caught one person, who lit a fire and dialled 000 (911) to report it. One of the saddest things is that this is not the first time people have deliberately lit these enormous terrors. In many previous fires in extreme heat, people have been foolish enough to ignite these murderous fires as a joke. Well, people being perished alive doesn't sound like a very funny 'joke' to me.

In what the televised news describes as a "cruel irony", Queensland (only separated by one other State) is suffering of a disastrous flood. Livestock have drowned and streets have become rivers… people are left to canoe down the street rather than driving their submerged cars. Supermarkets have ran out of food and pubs have ran out of beer, as no trucks have been able to deliver the needed supplies. Nobody has drowned, or been killed by the flooding, however.

In another twist of irony, down here in Melbourne, it is raining as I type. Whilst hundreds of houses have been perished and thousands of hectares have been, and continue to be burned and destroyed, a few hundred kilometres South it is raining. Flooding North and Raining South, this really is nature's cruel irony.

Just being here, so helpless is horrible. Knowing that lives are being destroyed and we are perfectly fine and innocent of the whole disaster. I'm about to do my homework right now… so whilst I am studying people are fearing for their lives and dying in my own State. It's sad.

No wonder it's been dubbed Victoria's worst day in history.

~ James Kanjo


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