Update: Worst day in history
09 Feb 2009 06:10
09 Feb 2009 06:10
09 Feb 2009 06:10
09 Feb 2009 06:10
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Worst day in history
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The situation has now being dubbed the worst in Australia's history. The previous nine major fires have now become 26, with an additional 50 in New South Wales. The previous death toll of 24 has now escalated to 130. Police are now estimating it to exceed 200 lives. Entire towns have been wiped out completely — people are missing and families are displaced… everybody is traumatised. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has sent out the Army to assist firefighters against the numerous blazing horrors.

The situation is no longer Victoria's Worst Day in History; the situation is so terrible that it has been dubbed Australia's Worst Day in History.

I just want to cry.

UPDATE: STATISTICS (15th of February)

181 people confirmed dead
2,000 homes destroyed
7,000 people homeless

~ James Kanjo


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