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My first blog!
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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It’s a beautiful day… for cancer
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Today I did some modifications to my site, trying to improve it.

You see, whenever I create a new blog post, or photo album, I tend to click the "save and continue" button quite a lot. It's a convenient safety habit I have to prevent data loss.

However; for those who use RSS feeds, you may download an "incomplete blog post"… that is, you download my "latest post" whilst I'm still writing it. Some RSS applications don't update particular posts if it has already being downloaded once. If you are one of these people, you may never see the post I intended you to see. Also, if you check out my photo albums, you may come across an empty one, because I still haven't finished uploading my photos.

To get around this, I implemented a new tag function: _in-development

The _in-development tag simply prevents that page from showing up in the photo albums or the blog. It also puts, in big red letters, a heading at the top of page saying "This blog post/photo album is in development" — just in case you somehow manage to navigate to the page. This also reminds me to remove the _in-development tag when I'm finished.

I have changed the RSS link on the blog page, but the RSS image above also links to the correct RSS feed. Please change your RSS feeds to the newest version (it will only benefit you!).

~ James Kanjo


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