It’s a beautiful day… for cancer
28 Feb 2009 01:05
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I was watching TV a couple of weeks ago, when this music video came on during the ad-break:

I thought it was brilliant. It's called It's a beautiful day… for cancer by Al Bino (yay, an Aussie!).

Not only was the song really catchy, but the message it shouts loud and clear is a valuable one. Hanging out unprotected in the sun is cancerous. The song brings a whole new meaning to the so called "beautiful days". Some people have criticised the mole in the song for being ugly, disgusting and tasteless… but, isn't that the point? Cancer is ugly, disgusting and tasteless. Where sun-cream, shirt, hat and sunglasses to avoid these cancerous moles.

After a couple of weeks of not hearing the song, but allowing it to run rings around my brain, I decided I'd add it to my iTunes shopping cart. Maybe I'd even buy the music video version instead. But no, iTunes don't have this song…

So I tried the BigPond music website, despite my doubts. Hooray, it was there! And what's this? It's a free mp3 download? Awesome! Then I realised — perhaps this song was funded by a cancer campaign? I don't know, and there doesn't seem to be much info about it on the internet.

Anyway, BigPond music have a short bio about Al Bino. Here's a link to the song download page

~ James Kanjo


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