I violated the Wikidot ToS... twice!
07 Mar 2009 06:02
07 Mar 2009 06:02
07 Mar 2009 06:02
07 Mar 2009 06:02
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Haven't I been naughty? I've done exactly what the title says: I violated the Wikidot Terms of Service, and I did it twice!

And you know what that means…

The following is a list of prohibited or illegal usage of the Services. We reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate actions against anyone (in our sole discretion) violates these rules, including removing offending content and terminating the Wikidot Membership.

How tragic! I am at risk of my Wikidot Membership being terminated!

You are probably wondering about the horror that I have posted on my blog: see here.

Terrible, isn't it. Oh you don't see it? It's blatantly obvious… see what says the Terms of Service:

Prohibited usage includes but is not limited to uploading, posting or otherwise making available or promote:

7. any "junk", "spam", "chain letters," "pyramid schemes" etc.

There I was, blindly posting away not one, but two fraudulent chain letters I received. How dare I?!

But what's worse? I refuse to remove them… MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

Let's hope michal frackowiak doesn't find out =S

~ James Kanjo


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