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20 Mar 2009 12:18
20 Mar 2009 12:18
20 Mar 2009 12:18
20 Mar 2009 12:18
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My first blog!
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Today marks a day of complete ownership of my site layout.

Why? Because I changed the image in the page header to a creation of my own =D

You may remember, way back when I started this blog in November that this page derived from my decoding of Squark's CSS layouts… in particular, his stunning Glass theme.

I learned CSS by stripping away coding line by line to learn via trial & error of the results.

Squark's original Glass theme image
file: http://squark.wdfiles.com/local--files/dev:theme/background.png
fullname: background.png

By the end of it, I had designed the theme that I wanted — because I wanted my blog to be something of my own work. However, Squark's previous header image still remained.

His image is clearly awesome =D I really wanted to use it. I realised that I could in fact use the same image, but with a variation of colours… so I did a simple colour inversion, and the result is what has been my header for the past four months.

Inverted version of the Glass theme's image
file: header_old.jpg
fullname: files

So I decided that it was about time I finally created something. I put on my very limited creativity hat on, and came up with what you see here. Aren't the colours stunning? It's the colours of the rainbow! So pretty =D

I'm not so sure though, if the new header image clashes with the red theme surrounding it.

But now that it's finally done, I must give my thanks to Squark, who created the awesome image that was on the face of my blog for many months. Thanks =D

Oh, I tried to come up with an improved "image box" for my images, in order to cater to external images. The process seemed to work, except for when using in conjunction with the ListPages module (see images), in which case an unusual row is appended in the middle. I'll work it out soon, but at least for now everything is functional.

~ James Kanjo


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