Time Theory: Extended
06 Apr 2009 03:27
06 Apr 2009 03:27
06 Apr 2009 03:27
06 Apr 2009 03:27
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Time Theory
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Arthur's Big Hit
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I have just realised that there is another possibility of what could happen if you tried to manipulate the past — and personally, I think that this theory is the truth of reality.

I should declare that the ideas mentioned in my previous post did not originally come from me — those ideas have all been thought up before; I merely explained them. The theory I am about to publish, however, was thought up by myself and myself alone.

The past has happened. The present is happening. The future will happen.

The future will happen, but it hasn't happened yet. In the present, time is constantly advancing forward, as we do with it. But what if we tried to move faster than the speed of time? Could we not move forwards in time by going further than the present?

No! How can we? The future hasn't happened yet. How can we go to a place that hasn't happened yet? Therefore, travelling to the future would be impossible. Which leaves travelling to the past.

If I travel back in time to, I don't know, two years ago. I travel back to then, and stop. When I stop travelling back in time, I will be exploring the world of 2007. Therefore I will be moving with the speed of time in the present of 2007. But then I decide 2007 is boring, and I want to return to 2009. I fail.

Why would I fail? Why can't I go to 2009? Because 2009 is in the future… it hasn't happened yet.
"Nonsense", I hear you say, "You were living in 2009 and went back in time to 2007. Sure, you can't go to the future if it didn't happen; but the two year gap of '07 and '09 is not the future — it happened, and it's where you came from".

Wrong. I travelled to the present of 2007. I was moving forwards with time. I can't move ahead of time, because anything beyond time hasn't happened yet. So you can see, time travel is only possible going backwards. You can go back in time, but you will never be able to return where you came from, as it hasn't happened yet. It is yet to exist.

All of the theories in my previous post were based on the fact that time is completely logical — if a time paradox is recognised, time accounts for it whether it be preventing the paradox or creating a parallel universe. But I don't believe time is an intelligent continuum that ensures everything is historically accurate.

Now, let us follow on from the story about Fictionality murdering Mika. I am traumatised by this, so I go back in time to kill fictionality. I have gone back in time to the present of 3 weeks ago (1 week before Fictionality murders Mika).

As far as history is concerned, I have just magically appeared. Time doesn't care that there are two James Kanjos in the present time. Time doesn't care where I came from.
Now, I go and kill Fictionality. As far as history is concerned, I magically appeared and killed Fictionality. Time doesn't care that the reason I killed him is because he was about to assassinate Mika. Time doesn't care that now that Mika lives, my future self will have no reason to go back in time to kill him. As far as Time is concerned, the future doesn't exist yet.
Time simply continues to progress forward, with two James Kanjos in it. As far as time is concerned, the place where the older James Kanjo came from, does not exist. Because it doesn't exist. There are no parallel universes, just one single universe.

So to paint a picture of history for you, here's the picture I provided earlier demonstrating parallel universes:

I go back in time to murder Fictionality
Week 0 Week 1 Week 2
Mika's assasination
Week 3
I'm traumatised
Week 4
Parallel Universe
Fictionality is assassinated Mika lives I'm happy and don't travel back in time ever again

This is the logical diagram that I (the time traveller) can manufacture to make sense of history.

But as far as the rest of the world is concerned, what really happened is this:

Week 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
A second James Kanjo magically appears Fictionality is assassinated and Mika lives Both James Kanjos are happy Life goes on

There is no "parallel universe", there is only one universe. The "old universe" doesn't exist. The "old universe" was a consequence of the events that had happened in history. Because I changed those events, the "old universe" is non-existent.

Time doesn't care that a being (a second James Kanjo) suddenly materialised into existence. It simply continues advancing towards the future. Time is independent from the events of the past and present.

Suddenly, based on this theory, some "mysteries" can be "explained".

Perhaps God was part of a race of superior beings. God decided that s/he would go back in time, and recreate the universe how s/he wanted it to be. So God did that, and created the "Big Bang" and therefore whatever happened following that.

So that explains how God magically came into existence, but it doesn't tell us about the future s/he came from. It doesn't tell us about his/her parents, or ancestors. It doesn't tell us how his/her race came to have amazing superpowers. It doesn't tell us why s/he changed history to make the "old future" non-existent.

Of course, this explains nothing in reality, but it does open up doors to theories like the one I just suggested. Hey! Maybe I should write a book based on that idea of God! Nobody's come up with that theory before, so that's something new and unique I can write about.

~ James Kanjo


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