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My first blog!
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What's the Sequence?
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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Internet Hints
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On this site, I have a section called my Notepad. It is merely a small database of notes, that I use for lots of things. For example:

  • Writing information to recall at a later date;
  • Storing ideas for future blogs;
  • Listing songs to purchase one of these days.

Today I decided that rather than creating numerous separate blogs on designated sub-topics of my notes, I'd just collaborate it together in this one. It's just becoming a little bit too messy with too many notes lately!

Font Family

I love the magnificent growing collection of fonts that humanity is creating. Font is a form of art, and incredibly, one which we inevitably interact with everyday in our lives. Differing handwriting and fonts can portray certain meanings and emphasising different points. The font in itself can be appealing — you need not read a word. Without written language, we wouldn't be able to read or write. But the fact that we can write in style is amazing.

Anyway, putting all that garbage behind us, I saw a font written a while ago and I loved it!:

James Ashley Kanjo aeiou

But I didn't know what font it was, so I checked the source-code of the page which said it was Georgia. Fabulous! I now have the font! But when I went to use Georgia later on, it was a very different font:

James Ashley Kanjo aeiou

I was very disappointed; you can tell they are different fonts by the completely different shapes of the vowels. But I continued using Georgia in the document I was writing. Interestingly, whenever I wrote in italics, the font was completely different; it was not slanted Georgia, it was a different font altogether! Apparently computer systems don't render slanted letters when writing — they merely recall letters from a pre-set italic variation of the font.

Margin, Padding & Border

There are various ways in which you can program the margin, padding and border of elements in websites. You can set all sides to have an identical style:
margin: style;

You can set each side manually like so:
margin-top: style;
margin-bottom: style;
margin-left: style;
margin-right: style;

But you can also set each side manually in a single line1:
margin: top right bottom left;

Interestingly, if you omit the last style (left-style), then it will reflect the right-style. That is, typing this:
margin: 10px 5px 10px;
is identical to typing this:
margin: 10px 5px 10px 5px;

Likewise, if you also omit the bottom-style, then it will reflect the top-style. More simply said:
margin: 10px 5px;
is identical to typing this:
margin: 10px 5px 10px;


These days there are a significant number of "flip phones", where you flip open the screen of your mobile, and thus expose the "inner buttons". A lot of these phones also have a smaller external screen, which usually displays a clock, or the phone number of the person who's calling you.

These mobiles always have a setting called "flip-to-answer", which (when enabled) automatically answers a ringing phone call if you flip open the screen. This is useful for a lot of people, because they can see from the external screen who's ringing them, and they just open their phone to answer it.

I have my Dad's old Samsung SGH-A701, a flip-phone. Unfortunately, the external screen is cracked and doesn't display anything. Also to my misfortune, if somebody rings me, as soon as I open the phone it answers. There are times when I don't want to answer phone calls from certain people, and this doesn't let me choose whether I want to speak to them.

So I searched and searched for a "flip-to-answer" option, only to find it is inexistent. After countless hours on the internet, and mobile manual, I eventually found the answer. The option to turn off "flip-to-answer" is actually called "Active Folder". What……the……fuck?! How in God's name does the phrase "active folder" associate with the generic and universal phrase "flip-to-answer"? Poor form Samsung, poor form. Anyway, I've since turned off "Active Folder".

iPod Video

It goes without saying that everybody loves their iPod. So when mine started having problems watching videos, I was starting to panic. My iPod was playing movies with only the sound, and no movie. Lot's of Google-ing couldn't even help me. So I tried resetting my iPod completely (restoring it's firmware). That worked for a short while, but then my movies stopped playing again — only the sound.

I eventually found the solution in this forum. It turns out that the problem was that my "TV Out" option in the Video Settings was turned on. When turned on, the iPod only displays the video externally via 3rd party connectors. I also found that this seemed to happen automatically when I connected my iPod to it's dock.

That's it! I've finally cleaned out the miscellaneous mess in my notepad!

~ James Kanjo


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