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22 May 2009 04:24
22 May 2009 04:24
22 May 2009 04:24
22 May 2009 04:24
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Internet Hints
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Mac Hacks
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There is this television advertisement for the Mitsubishi Lancer1 which had this awesome song in the background. I went to the Mitsubishi website, because most businesses who use music in televised advertisements tend to display the song and artist beside video footage of their commercial.

However, they didn't show their commercial on the website, and it didn't seem to be on YouTube. There was simply no evidence to show that the ad had ever existed! After hours of Google-ing, I found this forum which gave me the answer: Polka by Yves Klein Blue.

There are a few songs I want to buy — namely, a few from The Beetles and the following from Savage Garden:

  • To the moon and back;
  • Break me shake me;
  • I want you.

What sucks is that because of some stupid feud between Apple Corps & Apple Computer, the iTunes Music Store does not sell any of music by The Beetles. It is also annoying that the iTunes Music Store doesn't sell any Savage Garden music either2.

I guess I'm going to have to get those songs from a competitor, such as BigPond Music, which sells DRM Free mp3s. *sighs* Oh well. It's not like I'm going to suffer from a music crisis like this…

~ James Kanjo

UPDATE: It pays to snoop through your parent's CD collection — I found two Savage Garden albums collectively they have the above mentioned songs I wanted, plus a whole lot more. I'm so pleased! Unfortunately (and strangely, now that I think about it), my parents have not an album of The Beetles.


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