I Hate Racism
11 Jul 2009 06:34
11 Jul 2009 06:34
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If there's one thing I can't stand, it's racism. I hate racist people. There is nothing right about holding superiority or inferiority against a person because of their characteristics. Especially if you're black. There's nothing worse than a black racist. But you know, I do hold exceptions: the Asians. I don't mind racist Asians. It's hardly racism if it comes out of an Asian person's mouth.

Putting all jokes aside, the general consensus of the term "racism" is a little warped; the consensus being any degrading implication of a person's race.
This is incorrect. Racism is the implication of inferiority OR superiority of a person's race. Here's a table demonstrating racism:

Statement Racist? Why
Black people are bad swimmers Yes Implies that black people are inferior swimmers compared with white people
Asians are brilliant mathematicians Yes Implies that Asian people are superior mathematicians compared with non-asian descendants
Indians have black hair No Although this is a false statement, it doesn't imply that Indians are superior nor inferior to their non-Indian descendants

I don't actually hate racist people; I just think that they're ignorant.

But what really gets me is that whilst racism is unacceptable in our society, there are so many other things that parallel racism that go ignored:

  • Disability prejudice;
  • Sexism;
  • Homophobia;
  • Gender rolls.

People often treat the disabled with elevated respect whilst communicating with them as though they were young children. For example, a person with cerebral palsy is confined to a wheelchair. The person looks like a spastic, with the hand at a crooked angle, the head stretched out as though in pain and the inability to produce coherent speech. People talk to this person as though the person is stupid with the intellect of a young child. They don't believe that the person is intellectually unchallenged. People with cerebral palsy are often assumed to be intellectually inferior to the rest of society, and this is unacceptable.

I remember in primary school, on numerous occasions I had been a victim of female bullying. Whenever I reported these things to the teacher, no justice was ever served. Why? Because the teacher would ask for the female child's story, which would be a false account of what happened. I would complain that she was lying, she would deny it. The teacher always, no matter which female teacher it was, always believed the girl's account of what happened, and no consequence would follow. Only if a male teacher was around that I was ever believed. Now, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Of course, when the girls reported me to the teacher, and I tried the whole "tell lies to victimise myself" trick that the girls had used, I was always punished, and never believed. It was always assumed that girls are good and honest, whilst boys are lying trouble-makers. Sexism goes ignored.

Is this birthday cake for a male or a female?
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Well, the word "homophobia" kind of explains itself. But derogative terms are used in high demand towards homosexuality. Anything that happens to be remotely bad is called "gay", which is not only a tragic reduction in vocabulary, but the negative connotation it now provides implies that homosexuality is negative. This insinuates that homosexuals are inferior, and is practically racist behaviour.

When it comes to gender rolls, people are extremely determined to tunnel-vision children's minds into how they're sex should and should not behave. Boys can't play with dolls or makeup — girls can't play rough sports or gun games1. Cooking and cleaning is for girls to do. Hunting and fighting is for boys to do. Don't forget the derogative "don't be such a girl" and "be a man" comments we've grown up with. And the epitome of the outrageous gender rolls: pink and purple are girl colours. We are merely narrowing each child's capacity to think, let alone forcing them to think without logic at all.

There is no such thing as a superior race, or inferior culture. There is no reason to treat anybody with extra or lesser respect based on a physical characteristic or behaviour they hold.

Except for the Maoris, we should always be nicer to the Maoris, because they're such nice people.

~ James Kanjo


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