We want autosave!
27 Jul 2009 07:19
27 Jul 2009 07:19
27 Jul 2009 07:19
27 Jul 2009 07:19
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What do we want? AUTOSAVE!
When do we want it? NOW!

Wikidot is an extremely powerful Web 2.0 engine. With its powers, it is easy to create sleek and uniform websites; for business, for education and for personal use. It is also powerful enough to create web-applications; this blog, for example.

So many once manual tasks have been automated into sleek processes. But there is one task that has not being automated: saving new pages. Indeed, to save a page, you must click the "save" button1.

Using powerful tools such as the NewPage and ListPages modules, you can create pages and have them automatically listed and published somewhere else simultaneously. The NewPage module in particular allows you to type in some text for a new page's title.

If an autosave feature existed, we'd be able to automatically save a page upon its creation (go figure). This would be useful to do things such as:

  • A twitter-like news feed;
  • An IM chat room;
  • Question & Answer interface;
  • Creating instant polls.

All of these things ARE possible already; however, you need to click "save" on the newly created page.

~ James Kanjo


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