Why do babies have blue eyes?
04 Sep 2009 08:06
04 Sep 2009 08:06
04 Sep 2009 08:06
04 Sep 2009 08:06
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Based on the theory of evolution, if a characteristic is common to all persons of a species, then there must have been something about that characteristic that has enabled the entire specie to survive.

© 2009 James Kanjo
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Interestingly, wehuman beings are one of the very few species with prominent “whites” surrounding our irises in our eyes. Why is that? It's so that we can tell whether another human being is looking at us or not.

I enjoy theorising why certain characteristics exist; they aren't always realistic, but no doubt are some shade of the truth.

So we know that having whites around our irises help us to determine where somebody is looking, but why does every human have this feature?
Perhaps, a very long time ago, before people migrated to different lands, everybody was ruled under a single Queen; Queen Lookatmeh. Now, as a measure of politeness, Queen Lookatmeh asks that you always look at her and marvel at her beauty in her presence. She could always tell if somebody was looking at her if they had whites around their irises… but if they didn't, she was awfully paranoid that they weren't looking at her.
So she executed every person without whites surrounding the irises. And that is why everybody has the same eyes today.

So why do all human babies have blue eyes?

λ James Kanjo


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