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My first blog!
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I'm wikifused
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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Computers vs Humans
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Short post today.

When you view a file attached to a Wikidot page, you may notice that the URL in the address bar has changed the domain from to

If you are, like myself, one to manually manipulate address bar URLs, you may be annoyed to find that you can't view pages from your wiki if you're in the wdfiles domain. That is, will not work.

But of course, it occurred to me that wdfiles is a domain that belongs to Wikidot (duh!), which in theory means we can create a 301 redirect to our site from the wdfiles domain. Well, as off today, theory proven:

Select “Custom Domain” from the admin:manage panel
file: custom-domain.png
fullname: blog:50
Enter and click “save”
file: 301-redirect.png
fullname: blog:50

Just a simple two-step process.

λ James Kanjo


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