Computers vs Humans
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19 Sep 2009 14:37
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Intelligent Computers
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Which is more powerful? The animal or the tool?

Processing data

Computers process data with electricity.
Humans process data with electricity and chemicals.

Electricity is extremely fast. Chemical processing is (relatively) slow. This means that whilst our brains use the combination of the two, they will never be able to process data as fast as a computer.

In addition, humans are very prone to processing errors (miscalculations, selective memory and nonsense).

Energy efficiency

Computers require generated electricity to operate.
Humans require food, water and sunlight to operate.

When humans eat meat, they are eating an animal that has survived from plants (or another animal that did), and these plants have survived by absorbing sunlight. This means that humans are getting a very small portion of energy, and need to consume massive amounts of food to suffice.

Computers in comparison receive generated electricity, which can come directly from various sources: sunlight (via solar panels), wind (via wind generators), flowing water (in rivers), steam (nuclear energy) or humans (on treadmills). When you think about it, computers are much more energy efficient than humans.

Life expectancy

Computers can live indefinitely.
Humans have a life expectancy in between 60 and 100 years.

When humans are born they take 15 years to learn how to operate themselves, process and communicate with the outside world.
However; computers can take up 1 hour to install an operating system, so that they can work themselves, process and communicate with the outside world.

Also notable is that humans reduce in functionality progressively after about 40 years of age; computers work perfectly indefinitely, provided their equipment is maintained.


Computers can be manufactured within 24 hours in hundreds.
Humans take 9 months to manufacture, each.

Humans are at high risk of defects depending on the mother's environment, what the mother consumes and any pre-existing conditions that the parents, grandparents or great-grandparents have.


Computers have the capacity to see, hear and touch/feel.
Humans have the capacity to see, hear, touch/feel, taste and smell.

If a human eye is stabbed with a knife, the person is blinded and nothing can be done. If a computer's camera is stabbed with a knife, the camera is replaced.


Computers are able to project light and sound.
Humans are able to project sound.

In conclusion, computers are far superior to human beings. At this stage, however, they are unable to release their full potential.

λ James Kanjo


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