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13 Oct 2009 14:00
13 Oct 2009 14:00
13 Oct 2009 14:00
13 Oct 2009 14:00
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A document which certifies that an individual was born

This has GOT to be the silliest concept I've ever heard of. What IS the point?

James wonders:

  • So unless you have a birth certificate, legally, you don't exist
    • This means that I must provide my birth certificate to prove that “James Kanjo” actually exists on our planet
    • Apparently my actual presence in the room is not valid evidence of this
  • A birth certificate is proof of your identity
    • Legally translated, if you walk into a room holding a birth certificate and claim that it belongs to you, then you instantly assume the identity of the birth certificate
    • If you hold a birth certificate of the opposite sex, then it is also proof that you have had a sex-change operation… it is simply inconceivable that you are holding somebody else's birth certificate
  • Having a birth certificate would mean provides two direct advantages
    • You can brag to your friends that you were officially born, and have the piece of paper to prove it
    • You will later be rewarded with a death certificate

In conclusion, by lacking a birth certificate, you can cheat death and live a life of immortality; how can you die, if you were never born to begin with?

λ James Kanjo


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