Aussie Architect in Windows 7
23 Oct 2009 14:49
23 Oct 2009 14:49
23 Oct 2009 14:49
23 Oct 2009 14:49
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At last Windows 7 has launched, to directly compete with Mac's Snow Leopard and [snorts] Ubuntu's Jaunty Jackalope.

In looking at the wallpapers that come with it, the “Architect” theme jumped out to me at once… I recognised it immediately:

Architecture Wallpaper in Windows 7
file: architecture-wallpaper.jpg
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It's a glamourous picture of Melbourne's very own “Sound Tube” on the CityLink highway on the way over the Bolte Bridge!!!
I'm thrilled to see some Australian Architect in Windows 7, and especially architect which isn't the typical cliché Opera House & Harbour Bridge (Damn you, Sydney! Damn you for getting the world's attention!).

If you would like a virtual tour of the Sound Tube, Google's Street View offers this with a 360° view:

I'm just so happy that Microsoft released Windows 7 with a bit of Me!bourne in it!!!

λ James Kanjo


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