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My first blog!
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Aussie Architect in Windows 7
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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Time for an announcement!
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I have been struggling to think of something to blog about; hence, I haven't. So after 18 days, I've decided that I'm going to blog about my latest Wikidot projects:



Most stories are linear — that is, you read them from start to finish in the order of ascending page numbers, as the author wants you to.

How do stories relate to a wiki engine? Well, what if one were to start writing a story, page by page. When that person stops, another person can continue the story by writing their own pages onto it. Stories can then become collaborative works, and as we know, wikis are perfect for collaborative works.

But why stop there? What if you don't like the path that somebody writes the story into? What if you didn't like the direction that the story was taking? What if you had alternative scenarios of a story? Multiple endings to a story, depending on the plots YOU choose along the way. This is something that typical wiki engines are not capable of; but as we know, Wikidot is not your typical wiki engine.

I've created a site, Neverending Stories, which can do this.

What I now need to do is create a series of interesting “starter points” where people will want to continue the story and participate.


Families are, without a doubt, more complicated than quantum mechanics. So when it comes to drawing up a map of your family, things become very tedious and confusing.

So I decided to create a Wikidot Application to organise our families: AKA, a family tree application.

All you need to do is add a person, and then create their children. With each child, you parent the child to the other parent. Then, for each individual, my Wikidot application will automatically:

  • Display all grandparents
  • Display the parent/s
  • Display all aunts/uncles
  • Display all siblings
  • Display all children
  • Display all grandchildren

That's right! Five generations are automatically calculated and displayed. You hardly have to lift a finger!

Currently, the user interface is in development, and not ready for public usage yet. However, the functionality exists and is working beautifully.

I can't wait to launch these! They're going to be awesome!

λ James Kanjo


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