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15 Feb 2010 04:24
15 Feb 2010 04:24
15 Feb 2010 04:24
15 Feb 2010 04:24
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My first blog!
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Where did James go???
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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Wikidot Tip of the Day
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I've got some exciting news!!! On the 18th of January in 2008, at 9:16pm, I released an extremely difficult puzzle to a community of highly regarded individuals. Two people solved it within the year.

On the 26th of April in 2009, I released the puzzle to the world.

Eight and a half months later, on the 12th of January 2010 at 10:30am, an individual by the name of graphmastur solved it.

CONGRATULATIONS graphmastur!!!

Now, back to me, I've been having a holiday from blogging for the past 96 days. The reason being, I've had a number of changes in my life, and I needed time to adopt. Thankfully, I seem to have regained my momentum :)

Also, please take the time to admire my spectacular photography and image enhancing skills!!!

λ James Kanjo


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