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12 Apr 2010 07:19
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My first blog!
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VNC: Remote Control
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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Safe Passwords
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One of the commonly asked requests in Wikidot is to show certain blocks of information to a special selection of users. For example, let's say that you have some administrator links and functions in your sidebar:

[[[site-administrators |Information for Site Administrators only]]]
[[[admin:manage |Site Manger]]]
[[module NewPage category="blog" button="New Blog Entry"]]

Now, you don't want to show this sort of information to anybody other than the Administrators on your site. It should be completely invisible to every anonymous person, every member and every moderator.

Would you believe me if I told you that the blog you are reading right now, has been doing this for three weeks now? Let me show you an image of what I'm looking at:

Only James Kanjo sees this!!!
file: jameskanjo-suo.jpg
fullname: blog:62

The beauty about is that it's so easy to do! In fact, it's as simple as a Wikidot CSI that I have created for public use: Specific Users Only Include.

Give it a try! It's fantastic!

Actually, I'll give it a try for you:

[[include :snippets:suo BEGIN CODE |unique=first |type=showto |user1=james-kanjo |user2=michal-frackowiak]]
**Hello James Kanjo & Michał Frąckowiak!!!**
[[include :snippets:suo END CODE]]

[[include :snippets:suo BEGIN CODE |unique=second |type=hidefrom |user1=james-kanjo |user2=michal-frackowiak]]
**Hello Everybody Else!!!**
[[include :snippets:suo END CODE]]

In Action:


λ James Kanjo


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