Holiday Mode
08 Dec 2008 03:47
08 Dec 2008 03:47
08 Dec 2008 03:47
08 Dec 2008 03:47
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My first blog!
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Australia: A Baz Luhrmann Film
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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Hoorah! Computah!
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It's finally that time of the year! You've been too busy with work/school/university and you haven't been able to get those small projects done. The excitement builds up and up, as the days counting down get smaller and smaller. And when the day comes, at last! You are free, and have all the time in the world to get those other projects done.

But first, let's just have a little break from the busyness. Maybe a week of rest, and then I'll just get right in to those exciting projects.

And as the week goes by, you feel a bit tired from doing nothing. You are just not in the mood to get those projects done. Let's just put it off for a few days — we need to get our energy levels up.

Suddenly, it's been a whole month of the holidays — and all you've done is laying around the house, eating and drinking, sitting and sleeping. You've become a slob, a victim of the dreaded Holiday Mode.

Okay, maybe "slob" is a tad extreme. But you get the picture. I'm annoyed with myself because I've finally had time to myself, ready to finish a few of my projects and I've done none of them.

But I am prepared to blame other things for my inactions! My terribly slow 600 MHz XP Professional computer steers me away from using it. I feel that its slowness may be a factor of my patient nature. I can only just use it for the internet, but I can never run more than one application at a time. It becomes too painful.

I have also been doing lots of things with friends, like going to the movies seeing Australia, Quantum of Solace and soon, Twilight. Doing things with family, like Christmas parties, school excellence evening, and buying a new car. And finally, work at Coles is a tiny inconvenience. I won't let myself work more than 15 hours a week, otherwise I am just replacing school with work, and won't have time to do those projects.

Oh God, "Quantum of Solace". Don't ever watch it. It is nothing more than a bitter disappointment; has almost no plot (I said almost…) and at times unbelievable action. There were no gadgets demonstrating our amazing hypothetical technology, and in the end, I didn't even understand the ending. Let's just stick to all Bond movies before it.

~ James Kanjo


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