Barcodes: An Exciting New Language!
30 Jan 2011 12:39
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30 Jan 2011 12:39
30 Jan 2011 12:39
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At work last week, there was this one particular product with a poorly printed barcode that couldn't be read by our barcode readers. The solution: Print new barcodes manually. However there aren't many simple online tools that do just that.

So during this weekend I decided to invest my time in researching barcodes. Fortunately, the Wikipedia's articles on EAN-8, UPC-12 and EAN-13 contained sufficient information for me to learn them properly. It was a lot of fun!

So to demonstrate my understanding of barcodes to myself, I created this little program which is compliant with EAN-8, UPC-12 & EAN-13 formatted barcodes. Check it out!!!


λ James Kanjo

Edit: 1/Feb/2011

I discovered, to my horror, that when this program is used under some builds of IE, the barcode does not print. I have therefore reworked the code to avoid this problem. It's all fixed now :)

Here's what happened: The barcode generator utilised “background colours” in HTML. When using IE, the background colours do not print, and therefore neither does the barcode. Printing background colours is an option the user must enable in IE's advanced settings, and by default, is turned “off”.


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