Delayed April Fools
03 Apr 2011 11:50
03 Apr 2011 11:50
03 Apr 2011 11:50
03 Apr 2011 11:50
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My first blog!
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Oh DARN! I forgot to do an April Fools joke on my blog!!!

April Fools Day is one of my favourite days of the year… This year, however, I had a day off from work. So I had to perform a few pranks elsewhere. Usually I do one on my blog, like last year, where I pretended to pretend I was gay. I was pissing myself laughing about it, but that's my twisted sense of humour.

So I had a driving lesson on April Fools day, and so I was flirting with the idea of pretending to crash the car so that the instructor would freak… then I'd scream “April Fools! Haha, you thought we were going to die! Haha!” But then I thought that maybe that isn't such a good idea.

So I decided to do what I normally do. Short sheeting my sister's bed ;)

λ James Kanjo


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