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My first blog!
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So as I've mentioned in the past, I have got this journal full of Wikidot ideas I come up with. It has well thought out designs and new mechanisms to solve problems. I never usually start on a Wikidot project without first drawing it out.

Until this weekend. I got an idea and acted upon it straight away.

So today, I am officially announcing my newest project:

The Wikidot Syntax to HTML Converter!!!

Yes, what a completely pointless project. I've lost the plot.

Here is version 616 in it's current incomplete form. Try it out! Type in some Wikidot Syntax!
It's like creating a page, with instant preview!

Compatible Syntax Not Yet Compatible Not Supported
1 Inline Formatting Collapsible Blocks HTML Blocks
2 Text Size Bibliography Gallery
3 Paragraphs and New Lines Definition Lists Table of Contents
4 Typography Lists Math
5 Literal Text Footnotes Iftags
6 Universal Escaping Modules
7 Comments Includes
8 Horizontal Rules Social
9 Images TabView
10 Notes
11 Code Blocks
12 Advanced (custom) Tables
13 Block Formatting Elements
14 Custom Div Blocks
15 Date
16 iframe
17 Buttons1
18 Links
19 Headings
20 Anchors
21 Interwiki
22 Blockquotes
23 Simple Tables
24 Users2
25 Embedding
26 Files
27 Emails

Interestingly enough, I have discovered some interesting things about Wikidot through this project. Especially in the construction of the Wikidot parser itself. That's right, THE Wikidot parser.

But of course I have. Logically thinking, if I were to construct a tool that perfectly converts Wikidot syntax into HTML, in theory the tool should be very similar to the actual Wikidot parser itself.

I will publish my findings later, however :)

λ James Kanjo


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