Hoorah! Computah!
16 Dec 2008 11:28
16 Dec 2008 11:28
16 Dec 2008 11:28
16 Dec 2008 11:28
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My first blog!
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Holiday Mode
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Wikidot: CSS Per Category
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Quick evaluation
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I am very thrilled. At last I have saved up enough for a brand new computer. I actually bought the computer last Friday, but it took some time to set up.

Gone are the days of waiting 5+minutes to save a large picture file.
Gone are the days of "random bits of data corruption".
Gone are the days of not being able to watch videos or manipulate sound files.
Gone are the days of "random wifi disconnections".
And gone are the days of praying for an Apple Mac!

I bought an Apple MacBook (13.3", 2.0GHz). I could have got the less expensive "old model", with the white polycarbonate frame, but this is my long awaited treasure and I want the pretty anodised aluminium.

So what software did I purchase for it?

  • Office:mac 2008;
  • Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade SP1;
  • Office Home and Student 2007.

I also purchased a security lock so that I can lock the computer to my desk… just in case.

Fortunately, I was able to knock off a large sum from the total, and got the guy to throw in a nice toffee genuine leather case… nice!

So if you hadn't already worked it out, I have set up dual-booting with Windows Vista. Now I have one computer to do everything. I will give the comparison verdict in another post later. Oh, and for the tech-savvy people out there, The new Vista SP1 discs can be used to perform an upgrade on an inactivated version of itself. I feel I have not done anything morally wrong, as I have the genuine Windows XP disc, and have removed XP from the only computer I had it on.

Next project — learn how to program with Xcode.

~ James Kanjo


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