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For Easter '09 my family went camping at Port Fairy with some friends.

To avoid a long driving trip, we decided to stay at the friends' grandparents' weekend house for the night. Yep, that house down there is the weekend house… Just imagine what their weekday house would look like! XD

The next day we resumed our journey, stopping at some town where there's this "revive—survive" gazebo thing. Basically you stop there on long trips to places for a quick cup of coffee/tea and yummy biscuits. Provided for free, too. I guess it's some sort of advertising for the coffee/tea/biscuit companies or something.

Got to Port Fairy, and had a wonder around the town and its docks (or whatever you call them). I also gave the "thumbs up" on the things I liked, and of course the "thumbs down" for the things I didn't. The beach was nice too — I didn't go for a swim, 'cause I didn't have a towel with me =(

Oh, there was this fantastic restaurant called The Hub @ Port Fairy. The food was simply amazing! I had this vegetarian wrap with falafel in it, and it didn't take long to cook either (about 5 minutes). Big servings too: it was two vegetarian wraps as the one meal. I took a photo of the restaurant so I wouldn't forget about it — you can see me taking the photo in the reflection of the window XD

Finally, I got a stunning picture of the moon (which looks a bit like the sun). That was when I realised I'd forgotten to charge my camera's batteries before I left home; the camera died at the end of the first day.

Nice and relaxing weekend though! And I the Easter Bunny gave me 4 chocolate eggs!

Hmm, I wonder if the Easter Bunny goes to the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause each year… they certainly work hard making toys and stealing teeth, so they should deserve some chocolate too.

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