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My grandparents on my father's side were generous enough to take my sister and I to Tasmania!

We flew there by plane, and you can see an image of the clouds whilst flying above them "…and to your right, you can see heaven in the distance…"

On the same day as our arrival, we went to the Cadbury factory! The best chocolate in the world is made in Tasmania. Check out that treasure chest — it's filled with boxes and boxes of Favourites! There are also some photos of the props used in their claymation adds — or should I say "chocolamation"?

There was this strange restaurant near the apartments we stayed at — "Kebabs and Asian Food". Go figure.

We also went to Port Arthur. That is where the convicts were sent to from England. It is this prison on an island so the convicts can't escape (a tour place now — no convicts in sight!). Such a beautiful place.

We also went to the Salamanca Markets (which is famous for some reason, but I can't imagine why). There we saw these strange seagulls drinking in unison. That is, they all bow down at the same time and take a sip (although not in the particular image I have displayed below)

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